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Kim Kardashian may have lost MILLIONS of dollars since the robbery after cancelling appearances and staying silent on social media

She has been staying out of the spotlight and silent on social media since she was robbed at gunpoint last month

'I want to explore surrogacy': Kim Kardashian reveals she's looking into alternative ways to have a third child with Kanye West after suffering health problems while pregnant

She has vowed to not have any more children after suffering serious health problems during her previous pregnancies.

'I am not this person': Kim Kardashian takes charge and deals with her and sister Kendall's anxiety on KUWTK

Kim Kardashian battled anxiety and sister Kendall struggled to deal with sleep paralysis on Sunday's episode of the family reality show.

Kanye West 'spent nearly all his money on pricey furniture' only to throw it in storage... and Kim Kardashian 'is not pleased'

'Kanye walked into the house, decided he hated all the furniture brought in by Gallin, and demanded it be returned to the vendors,' the source said. 'But they refused to take it back, so he took it all out and threw it into storage. He then spent a fortune on a new set of furniture.'

Kim Kardashian reveals she's suffering from anxiety and admits her mind "does go crazy"

The 36-year-old reality star opened up to her friends and family during Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, claiming that she feels "crazy", and finds the condition "debilitating".

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Kim Kardashian Quotes

If I don't feel confident about my body, I'm not going to sit at home and feel sorry for myself and not do something about it. It's all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it's fitness or whatever. It's about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.
If you're a basketball player and you don't stop and take pictures with your fans, you can have an amazing game and everyone still loves you.
I couldn't sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt.
It's fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you.
I always put clothes and family photos under the mattress, in case the house burns down.
I think if I'm 40 and I don't have any kids and I'm not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated. I would feel like Mary - like Jesus is my baby.
You never know what the future holds or where my life will take me.
My decision to end my marriage was such a risk to lose ratings and lose my fan base. I had to take that risk for my inner peace and to be happy with myself.
To look and feel my best, I watch my calories and exercise.
Personally, I've always loved the curvy look.